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Using a digital microscope in Electronics 

Are you considering a digital microscope for PCB inspection and rework? 

Digital microscopes have become more and more popular within the Electronics industry because they introduce new and smarter ways of using magnification when soldering and doing PCB inspections. 


This e-book contains: 

  • Introduction to what a digital microscope is
  • 5 advantages of using a digital microscope
  • Examples of how to use a digital microscope within Electronics
  • A case study with MSL Circuits and how they've succeeded in using digital microscope
  • A guide to the best digital microscopes for Electronics 

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When is a digital microscope a good choice?  

A digital microscope uses a digital camera as a microscope instead of using an eyepiece. 


Consider the following before you choose a digital microscope:

  • Do we need better image quality to see the necessary details on our samples?
  • Do we need to document our work?
  • Do we want to work more efficiently? 
  • Do we want a more comfortable setup that doesn't hurt our necks? 
  • Do we acknowledge the need for a more modern microscope solution?

If you can say yes to one or more of the questions above, a digital microscope is probably a good solution for you.

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Using a digital microscope in Electronics - ebook preview